Our corporate mission is to put sustainability at the core of our investment decision-making process. By championing sustainability, we believe positive economic, environmental, and social change will naturally follow.


Sustainability can act as a long-term force for change in markets, countries and companies, and smart decisions leads to better results for our clients. ARIA is fervent in its belief that we will be an agent for change. As a global practitioner in the commodities space, we are not just conscious, but committed to, being at the forefront of the increasing number of sustainability-linked initiatives, which are increasingly being catalysed by global environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Our background lies in originating and financing agricultural commodities, making us aware of environmental and social impacts. We have sophisticated understanding of all the value chain actors in the supply chain, and our activities focus on several key aspects, with decarbonisation a central priority. ARIA Commodities has a 5 year commitment to:

• Develop products and services for a low-carbon and indeed zero carbon economy: this covers trading, investing and risk management services for clients which will drive capital towards net zero and low carbon opportunities;

• Manage climate change risks: this includes collaborating with our stakeholders to minimise the risk to our own operations, as well as to our customers and clients. Through our financing operations, we promote, sustainable and restorative agricultural practices. Recipients of funding must demonstrate the highest ESG standards in their operations, established by our rigorous due diligence processes;

• Reducing our own carbon footprint. We invest and develop carbon capture technologies. Across all of our operations, we adopt an approach that manages environmental impacts in both reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions. As a business, ARIA trades across a number of verticals and looks to adopt and drive best practice in each of them. At a minimum, our policy requires compliance with all relevant legislation and other requirements in the countries in which we operate. In fact, whilst there are idiosyncrasies in adopting ESG principles across different businesses, sectors and commodities, there are overarching international agreements which inform our own activities such as:

Incorporating UN Sustainable Development Goals

Measurement against the United Nations SDGs forms part of our impact assessment. We target positive contributions against at least 3 SDGs for each investment. Details of our SGD impact will on each project we finance or investment we make forms part of our investor reporting.


Our 'Climate Aligned Capital' approach means a comprehensive framework for responsible investing.

The world is committed to transitioning its energy mix. Globally countries have signed up to highly ambitious targets, we understand some of the pragmatic implications of the journey we will go through.

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SFDR aims to improve both the transparency and reporting obligations that asset managements and financial market actors more generally into their stewardship of capital and the investment policies they follow

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