A Week of Contrasting Forces and Potential Investment Opportunities


A Week of Contrasting Forces and Potential Investment Opportunities

MONDAY, 7th AUGUST 2023 By Vincent David-Robin

The US employment data release indicated a strong jobs market, providing further reassurance to investors about the health of the US economy. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Bank of England decided to increase its base rate by 25bp to 5.25% in an attempt to combat inflation. While these moves were expected and somewhat well-received, there are concerns that inflation may continue to linger, influencing future policy decisions.

US Treasury's Debt Announcement

An often overlooked announcement by the US Treasury turned out to be a major market mover. The decision to extend the duration of its debt and increase the size of the issuance program resulted in a sell-off of 10-year Treasuries and long bonds, leading to a significant increase in yields. The yield on 10-year Treasuries crossed the 4% level, closing the week at a range of 4.20% to 4.30%. This development halted the progress of US equities, which had been soaring for the past two months, and led to a reversal with losses of over 2% on the week.

European equities faced a more challenging week, with losses averaging 3% across the board. Manufacturing data showed ongoing contraction, and inflation remained stubbornly high at 5.5%. These concerns weighed on investor sentiment and dampened the market's performance.

Oil Prices and Headline Inflation

Oil prices continued to rebound on the back of lower inventories and effective OPEC production cuts. With higher oil prices, we can expect a 0.2% to 0.3% impact on headline inflation in the next three months. This uptick in inflation could further complicate central banks' efforts to stabilize prices and may influence future monetary policies.

Potential Investment Opportunity: Grains Amid Geopolitical Tensions

The escalation of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia has raised concerns about grain supplies. Despite this situation, there has been no significant rebound in grain prices yet. For investors looking for opportunities amid geopolitical tensions, grains could be an asset class worth considering for potential investments.


The past week has been a rollercoaster of events for the global markets. While the US job market remained strong and the Bank of England raised its rates to combat inflation, the US Treasury's debt announcement caused turbulence in the bond market and disrupted the bullish trajectory of equities. European equities faced additional headwinds with ongoing contraction in manufacturing and stubbornly high inflation.

As we move forward, we must keep a close eye on inflation data and geopolitical developments that could influence market sentiment. While oil prices are rebounding, it remains to be seen how they will impact inflation in the coming months. Additionally, the situation with grains presents an intriguing investment opportunity in the backdrop of geopolitical tensions.

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